FAQsRotarians are well positioned to help create employment opportunities for people who have a disability.

Rotarians who are not in a position to hire can support Rotary at Work through introductions to business colleagues and acquaintances, participating in our education programs or by speaking at public forums.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What can I do as an individual Rotarian?

  • Consider hiring a person who has a disability
  • Offer contact information and referrals to your corporate office if you are a franchisee or to your business colleagues who may be in a position to hire
  • Leverage your role in the business community and create opportunities to educate other business operators. Host speaking engagements with your chamber of commerce, Human Resources Professional Association chapters or business associations.
  • Host small business breakfasts or luncheons where Rotary at Work can provide an educational opportunity about the merits of hiring people who have a disability
  • Provide testimonials of personal experiences with employees who have a disability
  • Demonstrate leadership by speaking at public forums and in business circles

Promote Rotary at Work as a club project for your vocational services committee.

What can my Rotary Club do?

  • Invite a Rotary at Work Coordinator to speak to your members about the merits of Rotary at Work
  • Provide expertise on how to market the concept of hiring people who have a disability to local businesses
  • Create a recognition and rewards program for businesses that have shown leadership in hiring people who have a disability
  • Introduce Rotary at Work and communicate the merits of hiring people who have a disability to other Rotarians and Rotary clubs
  • Help promote Rotary at Work with other clubs and at the district-wide level
  • Promote Rotary at Work through conversations and announcements at club meetings
  • Consider presentations and displays by Rotary at Work at Regional and Provincial Rotary conferences, District Assemblies and training forums
  • Sponsor or host forums that promote the concept of hiring people who have a disability in your community

How do we get started?

Contact your local District project coordinator and they will provide you with information about:

  • The partnership
  • Hiring people who have a disability
  • How to find local candidates and what support services are available to you

 Rotary at Work can organize a presentation that can be made for your vocational services committee, a club meeting (or both) or even your place of business.