Welcome to Rotary at Work

Connecting employers to a valuable workforce.

The goal of  at Rotary at Work is to help  people with a disability find meaningful work. That means a real job with real pay, commensurate for the position.

Rotary at Work is a new business to business educational program that takes a fresh look at disability and how this market segment can contribute to the workforce.

It is projected that over 20% of the population in Canada will have a disability by 2020. Couple that with the Conference Board of Canada’s prediction that by the same year, there will be a one-million worker shortfall, and it is clear that business will need to enhance their understanding of disability to increase market share and meet future labour needs.

Rotary at Work has the solution:  hire people with disabilities!

Corporations that do have documented:

  • A decrease in turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost savings and higher business profits

Hiring people who have a disability is much more than ‘doing the right thing’. It’s good for your business. Be part of the solution!